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Russell Miller

Advisory Board:

Gregor Bachmann
Nina Boeger
Matthias Casper
Helge Dedek
Hans-Michael Heinig
Florian Hoffmann
Alexandra Kemmerer
Frank Schorkopf

Senior Editors: 

Besty Baker
Jurgen Bast
Gralf-Peter Calliess

Patrycja Dabrowska
Elisa Hoven
Jen Hendry
Malcolm MacLaren
Stefan Magen
Ralf Michaels
Christoph Safferling
Emanuel Towfigh
Floris de Witte

Associate Editors:

Anna Katharina von Oettingen 

Past Special Issues

  • Fifty Years of the Bundesverfassungsgericht (2001)
  • European Constitutionalism (2001)
  • The Future of Public International Law in Light of the Events of September 11th (2001)
  • The War on Terror - One Year On (2002)
  • The New Transatlantic Tensions and the Kagan Phenomenon (2003)
  • Security, Democracy and the Future of Freedom (2004)
  • Transnational Human Rights Litigation as a Challenge to Conflict of Laws (2004)
  • A Special Dedication to Jacques Derrida (2005)
  • Confronting Memories: European "Bitter Experiences" and the Constitutionalization Process: Constructing Europe in the Shadow of its Pasts (2005)
  • Comparative Federalism (2005)
  • The Unity of the European Constitution: 2nd German-Polish Seminar on the Constitutional Law of the European Union, hosted by the MPI for International Law (Heidelberg) & the Law Faculty of Wrocław (2005)
  • European Integration in the Shadow of Europe's Darker Pasts: The "Darker Legacies of Law in Europe" revisited (2006)
  • From Apologia to Utopia: A Celebration of Martti Koskenniemi's Scholarship in International Law (2006)
  • What Future for Kosovo? (2007)
  • Coup d'état in the courtroom: Constitutional Transformation and the European Judiciary (2007)
  • A Special Issue on India (2008)
  • Law, the State and Evolutionary Theory (2008)
  • Reform of Germany’s Private Limited Company (GmbH) (2008)
  • The Exercise of Public Authority by International Organizations: A Research Project of the Max Planck Institute for International Law (2008)
  • Memorial: David Currie and German Constitutional Law (2008)
  • The Kantian Project of International Law. Engagements with Jürgen Habermas' "The Divided West" (2009)
  • Germany’s 1968 and the Law (2009)
  • Law in the Network Society: A Celebration of the Work of Karl-Heinz Ladeur (2009)
  • The Transnationalization of Legal Education (2009)
  • The Lisbon Judgment of the German Federal Constitutional Court (2009)
  • GLJ @10 Symposium: The Transnationalization of Legal Cultures (2009)
  • The Basic Law (Grundgesetz) at 60 (2010)
  • Critical Legal Thought: An American-German Debate - Republication [with a new introduction] Twenty-Five Years Later - Edited by David M. Trubek, Christian Joerges and Peer Zumbansen (2011)
  • The Many Fates of Legal Positivism (2011)
  • Beyond Dispute: International Judicial Institutions as Lawmakers (2011)
  • Legitimacy and the Future of the European Court of Human Rights (2011)
  • Transnational Private Regulatory Governance: Regimes, Dialogue, Constitutionalization (2012)